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Sweet Peach Too Faced Review

I think it's finally time to go back to describing my makeup and the shadow palettes I like to describe. The Too Faced palette is my second product to try / the first was a powder foundation / This palette has 18 shades , 12 of which are shimmery and 6 matte. These are some of the items that are very important to me in every palette, which this one has:

They are very pigmented.They last a long time.They are easy to blend.Bonus is the smell of a peach that you can smell as soon as you open it. You can find this pallet on their site where you have a product rating and an average rating of 5.0, so you can also assume that this is a very high quality color palette that is worth buying. You can also read comments on the site-from people who tried this palette. Price on the site is 49$.

🍑White peach

◯ Matte eyeshadow,I use it to replace concealer on my eyelids.In natural looks under eyebrow and in the angle of the eye.

Mat senka,koristim je obicno umesto korektora na kapcima,a u prirodn…