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Cala product Makeup Brush Set

Cala products is the leading manufacturer and distributor of premium quality beauty and personal care products since 1982.

This brand certainly has to offer a lot of products for eye care & personal care,nail tips,eyelashes,k-beauty skin care,cosmetic brushes & sponges... One thing that attracted me to this brand is that their brushes are made of cruelty-free hair and that they are eco-friendly.
This set is from Bamboo Handle collection and includes 5 makeup brushes for eyes: Shading Brush Crease Brush
Eye shadow Brush
Angled Brow/Liner Brush
Eyelash & Brow Brush

I was so excited to try these brushes becouse they are so soft /except Eyelash & Brow Brush that doesn't need to be soft anyway/,out of all makeup brushes that I have these are softer then the rest. They are smaller too,I need to admit.Cool thing is that you have got green little bag,so you can put them when you are traveling somewhere for example.

Crease Brush This is my first brush I use. I apply from one si…