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Trip to Italy part 3 (Venice)

We arrived in Venice by boat and went to St. Mark Square, which is right next to the boat and gondola harbors.Before we went to St. Mark Square, guide showed us a prison that was used earlier and from which prisoner couldn't come out, and the one who went there would rarely left that place;they would just have to waith the death to come.The dungeons were in the basement so when water come up,it would fill the basement and the prisoners would drown. The only man who escaped was Giacoma Casonova, who cheated the guards at the time of a pod under the masks,wearing one,so they couldn't recognized him and some people still thought that on his way out he said "Arrivederci" (goodbye) to the guards.

°Stigli smo u Veneciju brodom i otisli smo na trg Sv. Marka, koji je odmah do pristanista za brodove i gondole.Pre nego sto smo otisli tamo vodic nam je pokazao zatvor koji se koristio ranije,a iz kojeg je retko ko izlazio;neki su cak i cekali da smrt dodje po njih.Tamnice su bi…


So a while ago I was in Padova (Italy) and I went to one store and freaked out!One friend told me that she saw some 'rock shop' before Square so I had to go there!
You can find song lyric on some t-shirts.They have great design.They have that 70s,80s,90s style which is great if you ask me!
Not only you can find clothes for every day,but you can also find dresses for the night.
One thing that i realised is that if you are on the budget while you're in another country is that is little bit expensive.You can't find jeans under 50€,a simple t-shirt cost 5 or 6€(which is totally okay if you like simple stuff).Since I never been in store like this I have to have something from there!So I bought shirt from the pic (25€).You can also find chokers and sunglasses.
Girls that work there were so kind!They speak english 😌 (which is very rare when you are in Italy) so they showed me some cool stuff. Since I found out that i can shop their product online I loved it! Please check th…