The Secret Book Of Frida Kahlo

The Secret Book Of Frida Kahlo presents a pact with death.The life of Frida Kahlo is directed like a show from the lady we all call Death.Everything is planned starting from the first accident that happened to her.She offered her two options: she will die after an accident or will continue to live, but it will not be easy.Frida boldly chooses another option, deciding to surprise Death.From life she chose art, unfortunate love,spices ,tequila and a lot of suffering.Slowly everything is being fulfilled.Occasionally she saw death and the horseman who was coming only reminded her of the deal with Death.Every year, she prepared a feast on the day of the dead, thanking her for another year she had experienced, not knowing if she would experience the next one.

Made of art, she painted in her room even when she had the least power for anything.The brushes danced steadily along the canvas like Frida with the lady of Death.

Diego's love has always been here, sometimes very painful, his per…

Smashbox & Hard Candy Makeup Review

Smashbox & Hard Candy Makeup

Before I start describing these products I want to say that they are all cruelity free & they left great impression on me.

First I'll describe two Smashbox cosmetics liquid lipstick-dark shades with very simple packaging.

~Be Legendary Liquid Lip /Foiled Brat/

●I love the way you can aplicate this lipstick,it's very easy with that brush/aplicator.
●This is the first lipstick that isn't matt that I love.
●It has a shine effect on your lips.
●Cover your lips few times for better effect /if you cover for once it looks matte,but with no gloss effect/.
●Also in love with this smell ,call me crazy,but that one remindes me of my lipsticks that I use to have in primary school.

◌U can find this one HERE,but color isn't the same on the website and in reality.

~Always on Liquid Lipstick /Girl Gang/

○Love this shade .
○This one reminds me of Golden Rose Liquid Matte Lipstick /05/ →color,smell and package.
○Brush/aplicator is good,but not as muc…

10 things I hate about you movie review

This movie went out in  '99 and it's inspired by Shakespeare's work "The Taming of the Shrew ".This is the story of  completion of high school,high school chaos and about boys that faced two sisters.Older one /named Kat/ is old fashion freak,literature lover,with the attitude and opinions shakes her professor,doesn't come out with the guys nor is she interested.Younger one /named Bianca/ is beautifully dressed,she is all into her look, always in the center of attention.

At first father set them one rule : "They can't go out with guys at all" changing it into "... until Kat starts to go out" giving hope to Bianca ,but hoping that that won't happen soon.Younger sister falls in love with popular,great looking boy,ignoring his 'quality'.

Bianca in every way tries to fix the situation that the father has set up and she attracts the attention of the two guys who,using each other,finally founds the guy for Kat - Patrick.He persis…

The Zulu palette by Juvia's Place

So on their website they said:

We created Juvia's as a way to provide beauty enthusiasts an affordable collection of colorful eye shadows,makeup tools and beauty essentials.
We strive to provide you with the most perfectly balanced,rich and luscious colors with incredible wearability power every beauty enthusiasts can afford.

First thing that is great about this palette is holographic package! You can see videos of it on my instagram account @s16bp

Colors here are just amazing.You can find 9 shades - 6 matt and 3 shimmers.To be honest  I was really excited about yellow one!I mean look at the pic đŸ˜Č So I was kind of disappointed when I realise it's not that pigmented.But it is nice for beggining I guess /It's my first yellow shadow evaaa/. You can actually make really nice look when you combinate orange and blend out yellow collor.

The thing that is really interested about this palette are shimmers!They are really pigmented and great for use /green,light blue,light pink/ → m…

Cala product Makeup Brush Set

Cala products is the leading manufacturer and distributor of premium quality beauty and personal care products since 1982.

This brand certainly has to offer a lot of products for eye care & personal care,nail tips,eyelashes,k-beauty skin care,cosmetic brushes & sponges... One thing that attracted me to this brand is that their brushes are made of cruelty-free hair and that they are eco-friendly.
This set is from Bamboo Handle collection and includes 5 makeup brushes for eyes: Shading Brush Crease Brush
Eye shadow Brush
Angled Brow/Liner Brush
Eyelash & Brow Brush

I was so excited to try these brushes becouse they are so soft /except Eyelash & Brow Brush that doesn't need to be soft anyway/,out of all makeup brushes that I have these are softer then the rest. They are smaller too,I need to admit.Cool thing is that you have got green little bag,so you can put them when you are traveling somewhere for example.

Crease Brush This is my first brush I use. I apply from one si…