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Freaks and geeks cast then and now

I started watching this series at the age of 14. Then I stopped to have the perfect vision of what the high school actually is. I searched for the song 'Box of rain' from the band Grateful dead, which is now one of my favorite bands. At this point, I am listening that song. The spirit of old times hasn't left me since then.

Your tongue is twisted with words half spoken and thoughts unclear
What really can blow my mind is that when I watch a series that was played before I was born, that when I google that tv show I can find actors and the way they look now, I want to know what they are doing, that this ise. Sometimes I can't recognize them, sometimes I cry when I find out I will never have the opportunity to meet them because they are now playing some other roles in another world, carefree - just like in the one in which they started their careers.

Whatever they did, no matter how successful they were to the observer and admired their first roles. Even if they decided …

Call me by your name review

The summertime and butterflies all belong to your creation 

First love in the beautiful beginning of summer 1983.  in the north of Italy.This film was made according to the novel by André Aciman.Since the film was released in 2017, I didn't expect it to be so good/some kind of prejudice/.Since the action was set in the 1980s, the film attracted me a lot, although there are many films that have been finished almost recently and the story is located in 80s,but this film has nevertheless brought the spirit of that time and the charms of Italy.

This is not a classic love story.It's also focused on historical data, music and literature that I adore.That's what you won't find in 'romantic' movies.Love is developing between the seventeen year old Italian boy Elio and the older American man Oliver.

Elio isn't interested to spend his summer in the village, and his hours are filled with books, playing piano/guitar and rare swimming in the river.What disturbs that peace…