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Fire walk with me /indication of Twin Peaks tv show/

The way i found out about this tv show is because i got attracted by this picture on instagram of one of the couples in the show,i got attracted by their clothes-you can guess it's not that style u wear now days,right?Oh btw you are reading post by person who doesn't watch trailers so I tought this was some crime & mistery tv show,and of course not thinking of fantasy tv show /becouse I'm not into that at all/.

The end of the first season and the whole second season / 90-91 / make the fantasy more than a mystery and a crime series, while in the third season it is not so much in relation to the other, perhaps because of the present time / I think that people in the 1990s wanted to try new things and shift the boundaries of technology and that they have grown a lot on TV, whether it's comedy, horror, or crime.

In this series, I have not only met actors for the first time but with the director David Lynch who completely thrilled me / + he also plays role of one of th…