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10 things I hate about you movie review

This movie went out in  '99 and it's inspired by Shakespeare's work "The Taming of the Shrew ".This is the story of  completion of high school,high school chaos and about boys that faced two sisters.Older one /named Kat/ is old fashion freak,literature lover,with the attitude and opinions shakes her professor,doesn't come out with the guys nor is she interested.Younger one /named Bianca/ is beautifully dressed,she is all into her look, always in the center of attention.

At first father set them one rule : "They can't go out with guys at all" changing it into "... until Kat starts to go out" giving hope to Bianca ,but hoping that that won't happen soon.Younger sister falls in love with popular,great looking boy,ignoring his 'quality'.

Bianca in every way tries to fix the situation that the father has set up and she attracts the attention of the two guys who,using each other,finally founds the guy for Kat - Patrick.He persis…