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Some Shops With Aesthetic.Vintage.Grunge Clothes

So it's been a year since I decide to finally post another part of shops that I like on blog.Last part that I called ''Some cool vintage shops'' wasn't that vintage to be honest-it was more aesthetic than vintage.So here are some combinated shops that are actually included in the tittle of this post.Some of them are small business that I wanted to post about because they are obviously trying to draw someone's attention to themselves.☺️

☀ Aesthetic Haven Shop ☀               InstagramWebsite
This one honestly shocked me.Cause their website looks so cute and they have everything organised. For example they put it all distributed in sections which so you can easy find something that you want.Also I love their Read me part cause you can get answers to most of the questions like: sizes /how to find yours if u are from America when they post Asian sizes/, shipping and delivery /how to deal with product arriving-what if it's late? what if the product never arr…

Fire walk with me /indication of Twin Peaks tv show/

The way i found out about this tv show is because i got attracted by this picture on instagram of one of the couples in the show,i got attracted by their clothes-you can guess it's not that style u wear now days,right?Oh btw you are reading post by person who doesn't watch trailers so I tought this was some crime & mistery tv show,and of course not thinking of fantasy tv show /becouse I'm not into that at all/.

The end of the first season and the whole second season / 90-91 / make the fantasy more than a mystery and a crime series, while in the third season it is not so much in relation to the other, perhaps because of the present time / I think that people in the 1990s wanted to try new things and shift the boundaries of technology and that they have grown a lot on TV, whether it's comedy, horror, or crime.

In this series, I have not only met actors for the first time but with the director David Lynch who completely thrilled me / + he also plays role of one of th…