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Trip to Italy part 2

The second part of the trip to Italy will be about Padova.First I will describe the botanical garden of Padova. It contains rare plants and we spent an hour of it as we needed to visit the whole garden.We got tickets to enter. The guide gave us brochures with a map of the garden to get easier way out.My favorite was part with Goethe's Palm.

Goethe's Palm (1585) The Saint Peter's Palm (Chamaerops humilis)that inspired the German poet Goethe to write the theories on nature in his Metamorphosis of Plants.

Botanical garden of Padova
University of Padova
Via Orto botanico,15
35123,Padova, Italy
Opening times and tickets: here

We also saw Basilica of Saint Anthon where I was delighted to see the size and because it art was beautifully done, you can't take a picture, but I did that without flash, so it doesn't damage frescoes.Here are some pics that i got.

When you finish your visit just continue right and get to the main square.
If you ever come in Padova please check th…

Mlm illustration

So two weeks ago I won one giveaway on instagram (illustration of myself) so I just want to share this expirience with you guys. Name of artist is @mlm_illustration on instagram.I found out for her becouse she has done drawing for one of my favorite bloggers, then I send her message and I asked her to do illustration and then I will do review for her.She answered immediately that she would love to do that but she's just too busy with inktober thing (you probably heard for that,don't ya?) but I could try her giveaway on saturday.So I decided to give it a try. So she wanted  to pronauce who won the giveaway so she posted video with some app for giveaways and number 49 came up.Then she went on other page and number 49 was actually my comment!I was so happy 'couse this is my first giveaway that I won and this was such coinfidence.Since I used @formakeuploovers account (account that I use for makeup posts,I don't post my pictures there)I send her pictures of myself and I t…

Trip to Italy

In the beginning of October I went to a trip with school in north Italy. I went to Verona, Padova, Venice and Trieste. Now I will tell you about my little adventure and show some pictures. In this post I will write about the hotel and Verona.
•Hotel Colorado (✩✩✩)Lido di Jesolo
Location:Great,it was near Sea so I went there every mornig and every night.

Food:I was disapointed by that,we only have breakfast and dinner there but it was the same every single day.For breakfast we had ham,cheease,three kinds of bread,jelly,and we could choose coffee and tea.And for dinner we had pasta,chicken and chips and desert accept one night.
Room:I was in the room with three other friends and it was the same size like my room at home( which was small for all of us),we had one normal bed(for one person),one for two,and (get ready for this)one bed to pull out of the wall!It took up a lot of space with our suitcases!Also in the bathroom we had shower bath, but it wasn't well fenced so water was eve…