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Skincare in 2017

1.Black mask by Vitex
-This mask you can use on your T zone.It's very effective.

Wash your face.Cover your face with towel (before that you need to put towel in hot water) and your pores will be open.Put mask on T zone.Wait for 20 min. to pass.Remove the mask.
-Ovu masku treba koristiti na T zoni i veoma je delotvorna. Operite lice.Naparite ga ,to mozete uraditi ukoliko natopite peskir u toplu vodu i predjete licem sa njim,tako ce se pore otvoriti.Stavite masku na T zonu.Cekajte da prodje 20 minuta.Sklonite masku. 2.Bioten face mask (with green clay & green tea) -This mask will clean up your skin.I use it once a week.It's paraben i paraffin free.This time i cover all of my face with it. Wash your face (rule number one always).Put this mask everywhere (be careful with part around your eyes).Leave it like that for 10-15 minutes.Wash your face to remove the mask.
-Ova maska cisti kozu.Koristim je jednom nedeljno.Ne sadrzi paraben i paraffin.Ovog puta koristim je za celo lice. Op…